Our books

God has birth Anointed Hands Publishing Company! This has been in the works and is now officially established. We are working on several client books, along with my next book which will be released possibly in September. Our editor is top notch. Our graphic designer is one of the best in the business. You write, we do everything else for you! God is truly awesome! He’s amazing. Before the launch, we already had 2 contracts going so we are already publishing books. You will see our work very, very soon! Yes I said WE! God put a team together for this company! I am grateful…..

The Struggle Was Real

Our latest book, The Struggle Was Real is a book for singles men and women. Singles struggle being single at times. This book is an instruction manual for living single! There is personal struggles discussed followed by ways to overcome the struggle and prepare.


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Son of A Preacher Man

Son of a Preacherman: The Adventures of Martin Joshua Jackson is a fictional tale about a young teenager, MJ, who after the death of his mother, father, and two siblings, is being raised by his grandmother in the Pullman neighborhood on the far Southside of Chicago. While learning to navigate the world as a Christian teen, MJ encounters a number of situations that challenge his faith.

The story uses biblical principles to help young people understand living out their faith in a world that is filled with pitfalls and obstacles. It also provides real world examples that help with evangelism, goal setting, and the pursuit of purpose.