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Why settle for less, when God has promised us exceeding abundantly above…
Being an Xtreme Entrepreneur allows Nina to take advantage of the many gifts that God has given her and ultimately share it with God’s People. Nina will Motivate you, help you achieve the dream of becoming an author, make you laugh, fulfill your sweet tooth or provide life restoring tea options.
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My spiritual leaders teach me that if you pray the word, the word works! I’ve found it to be true in my life. With this guide, you can learn to pray the word, declare the word, and see the word manifest in your life! 

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Nina Motivates

Nina Motivates

Nina Motivates is an Inspirational Trainer that speaks life and motivation to your life, business and your God given purpose.

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Anointed Hands Publishing Co is a self-publishing company that helps you take your idea of being an author to making it a reality. It is our desire that your experience is pleasurable and easy. We take you from the start to the finish line.

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Code Red provides laughter and light to any situation by discussing real life situations. Code Red shows that trials make you stronger and give you a reason to laugh once you've overcome.

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Nina Boo Sweets is the home of butter cookie heaven. We provide sweet treats that are all butter cookie based. From Traditional butter cookies to butter cookie pies, we will leave you with your sweet tooth satisfied.

The only limits you have are the limits you place upon yourself. Live limitless. Live out your God purpose!