Want to tell a story to impact the lives of others? Have a story that would prove to someone that they can achieve success? Here is your opportunity!

There is an Investment of $97

(book cover, formatting, ISBN/Barcode, editing, copies of book, marketing materials)

BE anything you want to be

DO anything you want to do

BECOME the best version of you

YOU CAN Daily Devotional 31 Motivating Stories 31 Authors

Book release August 1st

Entries will be due April 8th
Men and Women Authors
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Photo Submission (no blurry Images)
  • Website (If available)
You have until April 8th to submit a 2 page (8.5×11 format, 11pt font) entry. Your entry should do one of the following:
1. Tell a story of how you overcame an obstacle 
2. Expound upon an affirmation or declaration that you live by
3. Encourage someone to do, be or become what they want to be
If you have any questions, please contact me via phone at 773-383-6497 or via email coachninamotivates@gmail.com 
There is so much more to come! We will do interviews, have a virtual launch and so much more.